National Precast Cement Association

Please complete the below form completely to ask information about our products. We will follow up with you promptly. ASTM C1227 Standard Specification for Precast Cement Septic Tanks Compliant – Jensen Precast septic tanks were created and manufactured in accordance to the stringent and detailed requirements of the national standard. We also create a range of concrete collection wells, septic tank pump out chambers, distribution boxes and can source models with recommended filters.
Watertightness – All Jensen Precast septic tanks are made to be 100% watertight. Our manufacturing processes follow detailed & extensive quality control steps steady with the National Precast Concrete Associations Plant Qualification Program. Inlet and store pipe connections are all gasketed. Associate Products Building components and accessories from other manufacturers, prepared by CSI Section.
To be a family-owned company , we’re very alert to how our business affects the environment. We’ve minimal misuse, we recycle our water, and we make sure any leftover product can be used. If you are considering updating, or installing a new system we’d love to speak to you. Call us at (800) 696-SHEA to get a quote on the precast concrete septic tank today.
All concrete septic tanks are designed and created to meet or go beyond PA DEP benchmarks. Kon Kast also offers the capability to supply single compartment tanks which range from 1500 to 2200 imperial gallons. It must be mentioned that these are three-piece and four-piece tanks and diligence is therefore necessary to ensure that proper techniques are followed with respect to sealing these devices.concrete septic tank risers for sale
Concrete advantages: Concrete also has advantages over clear plastic. Concrete tanks have higher effluent levels than clear plastic tanks. They also won’t float above ground level no real matter what. A concrete container will last almost forever, and is incredibly durable. All claims approve concrete tanks. Absorption Trenches – If approved by local council, length of absorption trench differs between councils. The absorption trench needs to be located below the septic fish tank therefore the greywater can stream into it.